Hi, I'm Eman. This is my nickname. I'm Japanese. I love physics.

I have another website in which I have been writing about physics in Japanese for over ten years.
I've decided to translate these articles into English.
I'm not good at English and I've just started learning English for this purpose.
Sorry for my broken English.

If you want to help me, please say something to me at my twitter account.
Thank you!


Math for Physics
Basic maths for physics is explained here.
I don't think you need to read this first.
I put this here just for that you could notice this.
I considered about what is energy,
what is the difference between energy and momentum.
At last, I got to interesting understanding.
Many students and reserchers says "This helps me so much."
Oh...Are you serious?
I'm worried whether Japanese research institutions are okay.
Analytical Dynamics
To tell the truth, I don't like this.
But I realized that this is absolutely necessary
so as to explain about quantum field theory.
I used to hated this.
But after studying again, I felt this was so interesting.
Statistical Dynamics
I thought this was difficult.
And now I think this is difficult.
I love this.
I've written too much about this.
I feel like writing more.
Quantum dynamics
I wanted to write about this, so I started to make my website.
They say "Now I become able to imagine bra and ket vectors!"
Elementary particles
I don't remember all about this.
I will study again and I will write.
This is kinda my hobby.
It may be related to physics.
Let's design electric circuits!

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